A Visit with Carl Sandburg

February 8, 1953, NBC-TV interview

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A Visit with Carl Sandburg, NBC, 1953 - DVD


A Visit with Carl Sandburg is directed by Martin Hoade and NBC Public Affairs Director Edward Stanley.  From 1952 to 1956, NBC television broadcast a series of interviews with legendary figures in art and culture entitled “Conversations ith Elder Wise Men.”  In this program,  the animated 75-years old author, poet and musician expounds on his hometown of Galesburg, Illinois,  Republicans, and  hangings, discusses his arrest for riding the rails, reads from “Phizzog,” “A Couple” and Sliphorn Jazz,” plays guitar and sings “The State of El-A-Noy” and “Before I’d Be a Slave.”  Carl Sandburg’s passionate admiration for Abraham Lincoln becomes evident as he discusses the sixteenth president’s life and the journey that led to the research and ultimate writing of his Pulitzer Prize-winning biography.


Originally broadcast on NBC-TV

February 8, 1953



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