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The Carl Sandburg Historic Site Association supports a variety of educational programs and the collection, preservation and display of materials which demonstrate the life, times and achievements of Carl Sandburg.

The Carl Sandburg Historic Site Association sponsors and participates in many activities throughout the year to honor and remember Carl Sandburg.

Join us!
  • Invitation and free admission to all concerts and special events.
  • Volunteer opportunities.
  • A newsletter, Inklings and Idlings, which contains information about the Association's activities and stories about Carl Sandburg and his times.
  • 10% off all museum store purchases.
  • The knowledge that every member is helping to preserve the heritage of an outstanding American poet and historian.
The Carl Sandburg Historic Site Association is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.  Donations & contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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Membership Categories & Annual Dues*
All members receive 10% discount in the museum store, Inklings & Idlings, and are invited to concerts and special events.

Membership Categories Annual Dues
Senior (62+) / Student $10
Individual $20
Family $40
Donor $100
Sponsor $250
Patron $500
Benefactor $1,000
*Approved by Membership, Jan 8, 2013

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The Carl Sandburg Historic Site Association
P.O. Box 585
Galesburg, IL 61402-0585
The Carl Sandburg Historic Site Association is a
501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.  Donations and contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Carl Sandburg Historic Site Association
Officers & Board of Directors

Pat Kane, president

Erin Glasnovich
Don Moffitt, vice-president Mike Hobbs
Mike Panther, secretary Don Moffitt
J. Richard Sayre, treasurer Nicholas Regiacorte
Andrew Chernin Seamus Reilly
Emily DuGranrut Micaela Terronez
Pamela Fox Gary Wagle
  Bryan Engelbrecht (Site Services Specialist II) Ex-officio


Members by Membership Category
Linda Ash Watseka, IL
Bruce Barkley Galesburg, IL
Marilyn Bednar Galesburg, IL
Joyce Behrens Galesburg, IL
Fern Belling Detroit Lakes, MN
Tom Best Monmouth, IL
Bert Black Fannett, TX
Ethelyn Brewster Galesburg, IL
Terry Bruner Galesburg, IL
Jeffery Burkhart Claremont, CA
Audrey Castleberry Carlstadt, NJ
Andrew Chernin Galesburg, IL
Kenneth & Donna Colwell Abingdon, IL
Dick & Pat Conklin Galesburg, IL
Ken Crossman Oklahoma City, OK
Jerry Davidson Springfield, IL
Fred Dignazio Raleigh, NC
Cheryl Dowell Bishop Hill, IL
Emily DuGranrut Galesburg, IL
Linda Dybas Galesburg, IL
Rich Farrell Galesburg, IL
Maury Godsil Galesburg, IL
Dan Gorman Galesburg, IL
Richard & Nancy Hanson Monmouth, IL
Cheryl Harlan Lopez Island, WA
John Henrickson Boulder, CO
Sue Hickey Galesburg, IL
Thomas J. Jamroz Chicago, IL
Niel M. Johnson Independence, MO
Tomas Junglander Vadstena, SWEDEN
Gayle Keiser Galesburg, IL
Beverly Kjellander Eugene, OR
Kathy Krolo Dekalb, IL
Don Lago Phoenix, AZ
Gary Lawson Eudora, KS
Marc Felix LeDesma Darien, IL
Mary Lou & Dan Lindberg Galesburg, IL
Mike Louthan Kingfisher, OK
Joey Lucero Galesburg, IL
Cora Markwardt Galesburg, IL
Mary Groff McClary Orchard Lake, MI
Bert McElroy Galesburg, IL
Virginia McMillen Galesburg, IL
Randy Mark Miles Corydon, IN
Charline Clay Myers Chippewa Falls, WI
Jeff Nelson New Braunfels, TX
Erma Nodeen Galesburg, IL
Ann Pennington Galesburg, IL
Polly Pettit Takoma Park, MD
John Quinley Hendersonville, NC
Nicholas Regiacorte Galesburg, IL
Jeanne Rich Galesburg, IL
Glenda L. Rickords Galesburg, IL
Ed Safiran Neponset, IL
William C. Schick Galesburg, IL
Mary E. Schoenheider Joliet, IL
Donna McAuley Schroeder Moline, IL
Dennis Sears Urbana, IL
Megan Sloan Dahinda, IL
Jeanne Struble Galesburg, IL
Joe Taylor St. Petersburg, FL
Micaela Terronez East Moline, IL
Dave Treichel Madison, WI
Louise Verene Galesburg, IL
Donald Philip Verene Atlanta, GA
Beverley Voss Davenport, IA
Patricia Voss Victoria, IL
Douglas L. Wilson Galesburg, IL
Joyce C. Wright Champaign, IL
Saundra L. Wyman Knoxville, IL
Rozella J. Youngquist Monmouth, IL
FAMILY ($40)
Steve Cohn & Nancy Eberhardt Galesburg, IL
Cathy Davis Coppell, TX
Norma G. Davis Galesburg, IL
Elmo & Dorothy Ferrenberg Monmouth, IL
Tom Foley & Carla Markwart Galesburg, IL
Erin Glasnovich Galesburg, IL
Debra Rigney-Hays & Ray Hays Galesburg, IL
Kerry Helms & Norah Mateus-Pinilla Champaign, IL
Jeremy Hildebrand Enid, OK
Al Kulczewski Monmouth, IL
Mike McIlwee Enid, OK
Laurie & Owen Muelder Galesburg, IL
Phil Passen & Barbara Gregorich Chicago, IL
Bill Sime Abingdon, IL
Dr. Andrew Surmak St. Louis Park, MN
DONOR  ($100)
Paul Appell Altona, IL
Karen & Jerome Brodine Galesburg, IL
Harry & Barbara Bulkeley Galesburg, IL
Roger Butts Colorado Springs, CO
Barbara Cantrell Galesburg, IL
Rex Cherrington Galesburg, IL
Robin DeMott Stephensville, TX
Christine & Slav Dokolasa Galesburg, IL
Pamela A, Fox Galesburg, IL
Nancy Gohlinghorst Galesburg, IL
Ron & Judy Greek Galesburg, IL
Stephen Griffith Leicester, NC
Carl & Karen Hawkinson Galesburg, IL
Melody Hildebrand Enid, OK
J. Michael Hobbs Galesburg, IL
Dave & Chris Howland East Galesburg, IL
Barbara Hutchins Napa, CA
Suzanne Klohn Galesburg, IL
Don & Carolyn Moffitt Gilson, IL
Ann & Ron Mueller Galesburg, IL
Nancy Ohlbach Galesburg, IL
Michael & Mary Panther Galesburg, IL
Carolyn S. Park Galesburg, IL
Jeffrey R. Sandborg Roanoke, VA
Barbara Schock Galesburg, IL
Dr. John C. Steichen Landenberg, PA
Kevin Stein Dunlap, IL
Barry & Gail Swanson Galesburg, IL
Andrea Vitale Galesburg, IL
Gary & Kay Wagle Galesburg, IL
Lawrence Webb Anderson, SC
Bonnie J. Wick Geneseo, IL
Christine Eik Winick Galesburg, IL
SPONSOR ($250)
Martha Jane Downey Bishop Hill, IL
Pat & Kelly Kane Galesburg, IL
John & Jeralyn Rehn Galesburg, IL
Seamus Reilly Galesburg, IL
Rick Sayre & Mary Phillips Galesburg, IL
James & Gayle Stewart Galesburg, IL
PATRON ($500)
Mark & Celia Godsil (Family Fund) Galesburg, IL
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