Penny Parade 2014
January 6 - 31. 2014
Penny Parade Celebration, Friday, January 31, 2014

Hedding Grade School (Abingdon, IL) recognition by Carl Sandburg Historic Site Association, May 20, 2014
Aired on WQPT, May 22, 2014 - Fran Riley.

Activities planned for Elementary School student representatives.
Bring your pennies or other contributions to the
Carl Sandburg Historic Site by noon, Friday, January 31, 2014.

 Contributions may also be mailed to:
Penny Parade 2014
Carl Sandburg Historic Site Association
PO Box 585
Galesburg, IL 61402-0585

 Carl Sandburg's Birthday - January 6, 1878.

Penny Parade 2014  -  $2,584.70 (as of 3/11/2014)
Penny Parade 2013  -  $3,134.36
Penny Parade 2012  -  $2,189.52

Thank you to all participating Galesburg, Knoxville & Abingdon schools!!
Hedding Grade School, Abingdon, once again topped all of our school donations for the third straight year by raising an amazing $823.65!! 

A special thanks to the contributions of Galesburg businesses and Q's Cafe for Walt & Annette's inside-out brownies!  And thank you to Cherry Street Restaurant who is donating 25% of their food sales from Tuesday, February 11.  The CSHSA Board members all enjoyed their meals prior to our February Board Meeting.

Penny Parade 2014 - Galesburg Register Mail - 2 Feb 2014

Penny Parade, Thursday, January 24, 2013

Photos by Tom Foley

Penny Parade 2013 Proceeds
!!  $3,134.36
(as of 3/31/2013)


John Heasly and Barry Swanson both did a great job teaching us about folk music and Sandburg at the 2013 Penny Parade, on Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013

. PP2013 - John Heasly entertains

?? entertains on guitar and harmonica.


PP2013 - Pennies

 Pennies begin pouring in from our students at Galesburg area schools --.over $2,000 far!

PP2013 - Penny Jugs 

All contributions to the Penny Parade stay here in Galesburg. This year's funds will be used to paint the Sandburg Birthplace's Visitors Center.

PP2013 - Sayre & Panther heavy lifting

CSHSA Board members, Rick Sayre & Mike Panther, help with some of the heavy lifting. 
Did you know $100 in pennies weigh approximately 60 lbs!

PP 2013 - Barry Swanson waxes eloquent

Barry Swanson, CSHSA Board Member, shares some of his favorite tales of Carl Sandburg and his poetry.


Photos courtesy of Tom Foley, 309.342.9411(work), 309.351.3465 (cell),
113 S. Cherry St., Galesburg,IL 61401